Carl Rohde

CEO de Science of the Time

Prof. dr. Carl C.Rohde is a worldwide reputed trend watcher and cultural sociologist who distinguishes himself by his academic depth and by the broad scope of his empirical research projects. Rohde gives lectures and presentations all over the world – both in the academic circuit and in the business circuit.

Rohde is professor (Applied Sciences) ‘Trendwatching & Innovation’ at Fontys Universities, the Netherlands. Also Rohde is professor (Applied Sciences) ‘Trendwatching & Innovation regarding Hospitality’ at the Hotel Management School, Maastricht, Netherlands. His mission at both universities is to make students and teachers more trend- and innovation sensitive.

Besides that, Rohde leads, a virtual network of market and trend researchers worldwide. Science of the time, is one of the leading trend watch and innovation research institutes worldwide. Together with the mentioned universities Rohde at conducts the biggest international Youth Mentality trend research.

Rohdes main topic of research concerns the mentality movements within the social-cultural climate of this world:

What ‘moves’ consumer groups, clients and citizens? What are the ‘soft spots’ of a generation? Of the Computer Generation(s)? Of the young ones? The stressed thirty something or the 50+ generation? Of males and females in different age groups? What really makes them tick? What are their collective desires, worries, ambitions?

At Fontys University of Applied Sciences Rohde approaches these topics with methodological academic depth. At Science of the time Rohde and his team conduct research on the strategic relevance of these topics for marketing, marketing communication, market research, and for innovative product development and quality service concepts . Now and in the (near) future.

During the years 2010 - 2011 prof dr Rohde has been elected as Trendwatcher of the Year.

In the year 2011 prof dr Rohde has been elected as Professor Applied Science (lector) of the Year, in the Netherlands.

Some substantial quotes from several generational research projects by Science of the time:

  • The Computer Generation: “Give me Interactive Kicks. I am NOT from the television generation and if you do not give me the possibility to interact with you, you will never appear for long on my attention radar. I simply zap away.”
  • The Millenniums: “For me, my mobile is a 24 hours support line by my friends. Old people might phone with their mobiles. I live in my phone. A phone must be smart. Because a phone without FaceBook and GoogleMaps equals nothing.”
  • Generation X: “I am stressed. Please, help me to de-stress. Every product, every service, every brand, every organisation, every human being that does so, I will embrace, even love.”
  • Baby Boomers/ 50+Generation: “The second half of my life has started. That is as exciting as the beginning of the second half of a football match. Don’t treat me as an old person. It is better to support my vitality management, to become part of my wellness portfolio.”
  • Research outcomes and dynamics are gender-specific, of course. More to read about it on

Continuous research projects by Science of the time:

  • Science of the time’s Cool Hunt project (age cohort: 17-35) documents the mentality trends of this age cohort all over the world or in several parts.
  • Science of the time’s Top 15 of the Coolest Worldwide is conducted by the best academic researchers, trend watchers and brand experts we know worldwide.
  • Science of the time’s 50+ Cool Hunt (age cohort: 50-70) documents the mentality trends of the richest target group ever.
  • Science of the time together with Fontys University of Applied Sciences conducts the biggest mentality research study on the (changing) youth mentalities worldwide. More than 8,000 students and teachers worldwide are involved in this prestigious project.
  • Science of the time’s From ‘Trends to Innovation’ monitor – in co-operation with Fontys Universities.
  • For more information go to: and

On all these topics Rohde gives business and academic lectures (with lots of visual authentic materials from relevant research project.)


Rohde worked/works with/for the following companies (among others):

  • Adidas
  • Bacardi, worldwide
  • Banco Minas Gerais, Brasil
  • BMW
  • Canon
  • Eastpak
  • Fremantle
  • Foot Locker Europe
  • Bosch
  • Galeries Lafayettes
  • GfK Research Europe
  • HEMA, Netherlands
  • Hill & Knowlton, worldwide
  • Heineken
  • International Council of Shopping Centres
  • Interbrand, Seoul
  • JanSport
  • Unicef
  • Deloitte
  • Levi's, Europe
  • Lee, Europe
  • Lowe, Europe
  • MSN, Europe
  • Microsoft, worldwide
  • Orange
  • RABO Bank
  • Proctor & Gamble, Europe
  • Staples Europe
  • Produto do Ano, Brasil
  • Rodamco
  • Redevco
  • Sara Lee, Europe
  • Sanoma, Europe
  • Sony BMG, Europe
  • Stena, worldwide
  • Tetrapak, Brazil
  • Dutch Embassy Mexico
  • Unilever Europe (detergents, food)
  • Vodafone, Australia
  • Wrangler, Europe
  • Widex, Europe
  • Several Dutch governmental Ministries
  • Red Box Innovation Agency, Mexico
  • Voltage, trends & innovation agency, Brasil
  • Many advertising industry agencies, worldwide

Universities and Business Schools that participate in the International Cool City Hunt project :

  • Shanghai Institute of Technology (SIT), Shanghai, China
  • Hongik University. Seoul, Korea
  • Chandigar Group of Colleges, Mohali, India
  • Molani, Aryaan University, India
  • Thompson Rivers University, Kamloops, Canada
  • Puc University, Belo Horizonte, Brazil
  • ESAMC University, Campinas, Brazil
  • USP University, Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • EPHEC, Brussels, Belgium
  • Tashkent University, Tashkent, Oezbekistan
  • Bashkent University, Ankara, Turkey
  • Kultur University, Istanbul, Turkey
  • Belarus State University,BSU, Minsk, Belarus
  • University ss Cyril and Methodius, Skopje, Macedonia
  • Budapest Business School (BGF), Budapest, Hungary
  • Ramon Liuii University, Barcelona, Spain
  • Bilbao Design Academy, Bilbao, Spain
  • Università Cattolica, Milan, Italy
  • ETIC, INP, Guardia Polytechnic, Lisbon Polytechnic Institute, Lisbon, Portugal
  • Escola Superior de Comunicacao Social, Lisbon, Portugal
  • Almost all universities in the Netherlands
  • Maastricht Hotel Management School, Maastricht, the Netherlands
  • Università Cattolica di Milano, Italy
  • Moscow State University of Culture and Art, Russian Federation
  • Dongguk University, Seoul, Korea
  • UEF University of Economics & Finance, Vietnam
  • Universidad Iberoamericana, Mexico City, Mexico
  • Shanghai Institute of Technology, Shanghai, China
  • University of Makati, Philippines
  • Universidad Pais Vasco, Bilbao, Spain
  • Universidad Deusto, Bilbao, Spain
  • Universidad da Coruña, A Coruña, Spain
  • Instituto Polytechnico de Setubal, Portugal

Major English publications

Rohde, C. and Burghoorn, A. The Reception of Images and Symbols in International Advertising. ISOR, Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Rohde, C. and Becchimanzi, B. Company Strategies for Social Responisibility. Signs of the Time, Tilburg, The Netherlands, Milano, Italy - commercial report.

Rohde, C. and Pellicaan, C. Advertising and the Legitimacy Crisis in Eastern Europe. (article) Erlbaum Publishing.

Van Dam, H. and Klukhuhn, A. (ed) Postmodernism Revisited. In this Rohde,C. Postmodernism and Mass Communication. Studium Generale, Utrecht University.

Rohde, C. Generation Next. An analysis of the habitus of a new generation in Northern Europe. Signs of the Time, Tilburg - commercial report.

Rohde, C. Generation Next. An analysis of the habitus of a new generation in Spain. Signs of the Time, Milano, Italy - commercial report.

Rohde,C. Company Strategies for Social Responsibility. In ESOMAR: Changing business Dynammics. (1996)

Rohde, C. and Platteel,A. Symbol Soup. The MTV Generation and its Symbols. Thames and Hudson, 1999.

ESOMAR: Excellence in International Research 2000. With Christensen,O. Understanding Youth, their culture and language.

Young people, their cool places, brands and mentalities. CDROMs every half a year from 2001 on.

Rohde, C Internet and Government, together with Albers.V. Publication from the General Ministry, the Netherlands. (2009)

Rohde, C, and Mirani,N and Eilander, G. Supertrends (2010)

Rohde, C Serious Trendwatching (2011)

Besides this Rohde publishes in the trade magazines and new papers worldwide. Also he is lecturing in the international circuit of universities and conferences.

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