Matt Gierhart

Head of Social, Ogilvy Action Londres

Matt Gierhart is a marketer with 7 years experience across Europe and America. He currently sits as the Head of Social for OgilvyAction's global network.

His main task is exploring what impact social media has on purchase behaviour, rather than just brand perception or advertising messages. "We are less interested in what a brand has to say to consumers, rather we focus on generating insights for strategy and creating opportunities for consumers to talk to consumers around our client's products." At Ogilvy Action he works with global brands to provide purchase behaviour insights.

Prior to joining OgilvyAction, Matt Gierhart directed a digital think tank called The New Celebrity that worked with economic development groups and a brand's understanding of social structures. His work with The New Celebrity was documented in a series of lectures at the London School of Economics.

Matt Gierhart's eclectic experience has provided him a platform for speaking at events such as SxSWi, Next 2011, Oxford's Economic Group and the International Economic Development Summit.

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